Program Manager Resume – Resume of Senior Program Manager


 Senior Project Manager / Program Manager / Management Consultant



  • More than 22 years of business and technology consulting expertise.
  • More than 18 years of program and project management experience with extensive track record in successful delivery of Ontario Public Sector (OPS) & private sector initiatives.
  • More than 16 years of change management and business and technology transformation leadership.
Management and Leadership:
  • More than 18 years of program and project management experience managing large scale organizational changes of strategic importance. In total, managed 85 programs and projects, with the largest budget exceeding $20 Million. Initiative included business transformation, corporate governance, business process reengineering, cyber security, audit, compliance, software, infrastructure programs and projects, as well as program and project recovery.
  • Successfully delivered large scale transformation programs with the accountability over 19 project directors and managers (9 core and 10 in supporting projects) and team sizes in the excess of 350 resources. Largest initiative included 12 parallel streams.
  • Managed 8 vendors concurrently meeting highly rigorous OPS procurement standards.
  • Successfully delivered initiatives utilizing OPS Integrated Project Management Framework.
  • Experienced in SDLC, PMLC, RUP, Iterative, Incremental, Agile, Scrum, RAD, XP, Waterfall, PMBOK and other management methodologies resulting in more effective program and project delivery.




  • Provided strategic advisory regarding value management, portfolio prioritization and other governance activities for the portfolios in the excess of $3 billion. Defined end to end governance for the portfolio of $85 million in line with OPS Integrated Project Management Framework and OPS Project Portfolio Management.
  • Established EPMO (TTC), 3 PMOs (Metrolinx, Toronto Hydro, Direct Energy), conducted review and audit of portfolio, program and project management methodologies and practices at 4 organizations (Deloitte, Cancer Care Ontario, CIBC, TD) identifying gaps, and recommending improvement actions.
Change Management:
  • Managed enterprise change initiatives that impacted 4.5 million customers and 25,000 employees, deployed products in 35 countries, and introduced changes at 3,000 real estate locations.
  • Delivered change management activities using 58 communication & training vehicles and tools. Defined global change management approach that impacted operations in 15 countries.


  • Security Methodologies (OSFI – Cyber Security Self-Assessment Guidance, RCMP/CSE – Harmonized Threat and Risk Assessment) and tools (Scanning – AppScan, Fortify, Oracle IAM, SIEM, CyberArk, PaloAlto, ForeScout NAC, Venafi, others).
Industries, Verticals and Clients:
  • Transportation (Metrolinx, TTC), Energy/Utilities (Toronto Hydro, Direct Energy), Healthcare (Cancer Care Ontario, eHealth Ontario), Banking (RBC, CIBC, TD), Insurance (Co-operators), Big4 Consulting (Deloitte, Accenture), Telecom (TELUS, Bell, British Telecom, Verizon Wireless), others.




TD Bank, Cyber Security and Technology Controls, Toronto, ON                    October 2015 – Present

Managed the following programs and program recovery efforts within the Cyber Security and Technology Controls portfolio, with the total program budget in excess of $20 million:

SHA-2 Digital Certificate Migration Program:

  • Managed replacement of around 9,000 insecure SHA-1 digital certificates with SHA-2 digital certificates. Certificates were deployed across 757 applications residing on more than 10,000 servers. Program was structured in 12 work streams with 8 project managers leading LOB specific efforts.
  • Utilized Venafi platform to procure around 3,000 backup SHA-1 certificates to prevent application downtime during migration.
  • Identified and engaged application owners of 757 enterprise and LOB specific applications across 8 lines of business.
  • Established comprehensive assessment and migration approach that consisted of remediation and patching of the infrastructure, operating systems, digital certificate signers and application upgrades and consolidated estimates.
  • Established governance structure, identified and engaged LOB leads (business, application, and infrastructure) for 8 LOBs, and facilitated LOB specific discussions to support migration efforts for each LOB.
  • Delivered change management activities, including IT wide communication to executives (CIOs, VPs, AVPs) and impacted stakeholders, information sessions for each line of business. Established Confluence based collaboration site, prepared, distributed and presented certificate migration guidelines to all impacted teams.
  • Provided advisory services regarding certificate lifecycle, prerequisite and certificate deployment, and other aspects of cybersecurity.

 Audit and OSFI Acceleration Program:

  • The program was tasked to accelerate resolution of more than 150 audit and OSFI (financial industry regulator) findings across the entire IT infrastructurein the areas of identity and access management, cyber security, technology controls, logging and monitoring, attestation and privileged id management, and other areas. Some findings were overdue by 6 years.
  • Facilitated deep dive sessions and reviewed findings with various security governance groups, including Security Operations and Control (SOC), Identity and Access Management (IAM), Technology Compliance and Controls (TCC), Infrastructure Risk Management (IRM) & other teams to ensure that remediation approaches are effective in resolving root causes identified. Utilized agile approach to manage the program.
  • Analyzed root causes of individual audit findings, and grouped them in 6 master root causes. Assessed audit findings, and grouped requests as change requests to 10 existing strategic initiatives and 6 new initiatives to be initiated.

 Unauthorized/Unregistered Software Monitoring Program:

  • In response to high overdue OSFI cyber security findings regarding vulnerability related to the detection of unauthorized software across 160,000 identities and respective end user devices in the bank, defined approach, high level requirements, program roadmap and schedule for the program and facilitated its budget approval.
  • Worked in close collaboration with Infrastructure Risk Management, Regulatory Affairs and TRMIS executives to ensure that the remediation approach addresses security risks identified, is approved internally, and the regulator is kept up to date.

 Wired Port Authentication Program:

  • In response to high overdue OSFI cyber security findings, took over struggling Wired Port Authentication program. The mandate of the program was to deliver Network Access Control (NAC) solution and secure all of the network access endpoints globally at TD. In North America there were about 290,000 network end points across around 3,000 real estate locations.
  • Identified and engaged stakeholders, defined the program governance structure and ensured that effective decision making is in place.
  • Identified program issues, including scope related ambiguity, missing requirement categories (reporting, sizing, break and fix, non-functional, others) and facilitated their resolution.
  • Facilitated procurement discussions, vendor negotiations, pre-sales sessions with vendors, as well as review of Professional Services SOW, hardware sizing, and estimates. Due to these efforts, TD team reduced vendor’s estimates by about 50%.
  • Consolidated all of the estimates from vendors, and various internal teams, and facilitated approval the program and its business case. Initiated infrastructure rollout, software deployment, defined rollout approach and initiated rollout activities.



RBC, Caribbean Strategic Initiatives, Toronto, ON                                            May 2015 – September 2015

Managed divestiture of RBC banking operations in Suriname upon sale to Republic Bank Limited in Trinidad.

  • Managed more than 70 stakeholders from Treasury, Legal, Cards, Treasury, Operations, Compliance, Technology, Payments and Trade, and Service Delivery groups, as well as geographically distributed stakeholders located in Canada, Suriname, Trinidad and Tobago, Netherlands, United Kingdom, and USA.
  • Successfully created Statements of Work and Transition Services Agreement to define relationship between purchaser and acquirer after the sale is completed.
  • Managed closure of SWIFT BIC, including composition, review and approval of SWIFT Broadcast message and notifications of correspondent banks via SWIFT system, and changes to reporting.
  • Managed closure of Correspondent Bank / Nostro / GL Accounts by Treasury, Capital Markets and Foreign Operations, including review of outstanding entries, reconciliation, balancing, and account closure / transition.
  • Led creation and implementation of integrated processes, including credit card settlement, reconciliation and credit limit increase; contact centre; and service requests processes, handing more than 35 types of enquiries.
  • Managed removal of access for Suriname staff to RBC systems, including removal of access to Credit Card systems (due to licensing limitations). Facilitated removal of authorized Suriname signing authorities from RBC systems.
  • Managed change management and communication activities to all stakeholders in the region regarding divestiture, including RBC stakeholders, local banks and Central Bank.
  • Managed resolution of issues on daily basis with the buyer, and ensured successful delivery on time, on budget and within scope.



CIBC, PRODUCTS and payments, Toronto, ON                                                              August 2014 – May 2015

Managed F15 Fee program mandated to increase 16 rates and fees bank wide. Program impacted 4 lines of business and around 4.5 million customers, and was anticipated to bring more than $350 million in additional revenues.

  • Identified and engaged more than 170 governance stakeholders (VPs, Directors, Project Managers, Team Leads) from more than 50 stakeholder groups.
  • Managed 7 projects in the program, and 19 project managers (9 core and 10 supporting project managers and directors), and indirectly – around 350 members of project teams. Individual projects introduced business and technology changes to Insurance (Mortgage Disability, Creditor), Cards, Mortgages & Lending, and Business Banking lines of business.
  • The most complex project from integration perspective (Cards Enhancements) was making changes to 16 internal systems; the most complex project from testing perspective (Mortgage Disability Insurance) contained more than 4,000 test cases.
  • Managed customer impact analysis, customer communication impact analysis (based on the data in the enterprise data warehouse) and Digital Strategy in order to define consolidated change management approach.
  • Managed preparation of communication materials, reviews and approvals by Client and Operational Improvement, Corporate Communications, Frontline Effectiveness, Legal and Compliance and other reviewers to ensure that messages are consistent with stakeholders’ expectations.
  • Managed change management activities and oversaw communication to more 5 million impacted clients and all impacted internal stakeholder groups by utilizing 58 communication vehicles and tools, including updates, departmental news messages, updates to internal websites, product pages, procedures, Q&As, job aids, scripts, marketing collateral, client letter inserts, marketing brochures, slip sheets, statement notices, training material updates and others.
  • Managed changes to various internal websites, repositories and to ensure that they reflect new fee structure as of the effective date.
  • Facilitated Executive Steering Committee, Advisory Group and other Working Group meetings, with the largest meeting participation by more than 60 resources.
  • Conducted audit of CIBC-wide Enterprise Delivery Framework (EDF) used to manage business and technology programs and projects at CIBC, and identified more than 50 gaps and areas for improvement.
  • Managed Client Facing Letters Program, with the goal to review and re-write customer communication within 4 lines of business (Insurance, Cards, Mortgages and Lending, Business Banking).
  • Managed another NDA program, with the mandate to review all legal documentation for all current and grandfathered products and services offered by CIBC. The program impacted all lines of business, including Products and Payments, Insurance, Capital Markets, Wealth Management, Wood Gundy, Business Banking and others.



Toronto Transit Commission, CEO’s Office, Toronto, ON                                        March 2014 – July 2014

The purpose the Portfolio Governance Program was to establish Enterprise Portfolio Management Office within CEO’s Office; transform approach to program and project management at the TTC by defining enterprise methodologies, tools and standards for all current and future programs and projects at the TTC. The Office is expected to oversee 300 infrastructure projects over the 10 years with the total budget in the excess of $9 Billion.

  • Defined key components of the Intake process for the $3 Billion portfolio, including the first standardized Business Case template at the TTC that will is used for approval of all corporate programs and projects.
  • Established Project Portfolio, and defined harmonized portfolio prioritization criteria that are used to assess, rank and approve projects based on Enterprise Risks and Benefits, Project Delivery Risks, and Achievability.
  • Defined the first standardized Project Charter template for all programs and projects at the TTC and facilitated their adoption.
  • Performed initial scoping, defined governance structure, established approach and created early estimates for the Portfolio Governance Program with 12 program streams.
  • Program was set to revamp portfolio management discipline and other areas that would make portfolio management successful, including Strategy Management, Governance Framework, Risk Management, Portfolio Management, Program Management, Project Management, Benefits Management, Performance Management, Resource Management, Organizational Change Management, Quality Management, IT Systems Enhancements.
  • Defined project sponsor and executive sponsor responsibilities for all programs and projects at the TTC.
  • Standardized program and project milestones, and defined enterprise Project Schedule template, including procurement (RFI/RFS/RFQ) milestones.
  • Defined terms of reference for the Portfolio Management Executive Committee, that was set to oversee Portfolio Governance Program and Portfolio Management Office at the TTC.
  • Facilitated meetings of the Program Advisory Group that contained the most senior PMO and Project Managers from the organization. The Group provided guidance regarding establishment and adoption of the Portfolio Management Office.



MEtrolinx, I&IT Transition Program, Toronto, ON                                      September 2012 – February 2014

The purpose of I&IT Transformation program at Metrolinx is to re-shape I&IT organization from  business unit centric to enterprise, effective and mature shared  services IT organization that can support priorities of 2.7 Billion / 300+ capital infrastructure project portfolio of Metrolinx. In order to enable IT enterprise function:

  • Defined I&IT Project Portfolio with the total budget in excess of $85 Million by consolidating 108+ loosely tracked current and future projects, operational activities and investment buckets. Defined portfolio planning, management and reporting processes and implemented supporting tools. Maintain program reporting dashboard for executives.
  • Defined I&IT Portfolio and Project Management policy that specified how to assess and govern new initiatives, manage existing I&IT projects and to provide inputs to Governance processes.
  • Established I&IT PMO, defined strategy, guiding principles, functions, org structure, staffing and career paths within the PMO.
  • Created capability roadmap for I&IT PMO that defined interim, medium and long term PMO objectives for the next 3 years.
  • Defined I&IT Project Management Methodology and project governance, including Checkpoint and Gating guidelines mandatory for all 30 projects in the portfolio based on Agile, Scrum, DSDM and Joint Application Design, Iterative and other methodologies and best practices.
  • Defined organizational change management approach to ensure that the changes introduced are fully adopted.
  • Created a set of all required Project Management artifacts – 43 in total, including process maps, document templates, guidelines and process guides for Initiation, Planning, Execution and Closeout phases defined in the methodology.
  • The artifacts covered Project Management (Project Tailoring Guidelines, Project Charter, Project Schedule, Project WBS, Project Management Plan, Project Estimation Guidelines, standardized rates, others), Business Analysis, Solution Architecture, Quality Management and other areas. Established integration of PM processes with procurement processes, including procurement approval, creation of RFI, RFP, RFS, RQQ, creation and revisions to statements of work, and review of contracts
  • Facilitated implementation of the Portfolio Intake Process to standardize assessment and ranking of about 6 new project and program requests per month.
  • Defined Resource Management Process that was used to track availability and manage demand for internal staff and contractors. Developed Resource Management Tool that at the time contained up to date repository of project assignments of 170 members of staff and contractors.
  • Reviewed features of the legacy version of Portfolio and Project Management Tool – Clarity, and provided recommendations to align deployment approach with the PMO roadmap.
  • Advised Leadership Team, PMO and IT staff regarding various aspects of IT governance, strategy, policies and standards.
  • Managed other deliverables of I&IT Transition Program, including Program Management Plan, Program Schedule and Change Management Plan. I&IT Transition Program consisted of four subprograms: Strategy Transition Program, Governance Transition Program, Operations Transition Program and PMO Transition Program.



CANCER CARE ONTARIO, Toronto, ON                                                                     December 2011 – August 2012

Managed key compliance program at CCO and one of the most visible within healthcare industry – Secure Messaging. The program addressed regulatory order of the Information Privacy Commissioner of Ontario (IPC) PHIPA HO-011 and delivered secure infrastructure and transformed the way how cancer screening reports (SAR) and other highly confidential Personal Health Information (PHI) were published to about 27,000 physicians in Ontario, and in future – to more than 9 million patients in Ontario.

  • Successfully took over and recovered struggling Secure Messaging Program (unsecured budget, lack of up to consistent requirements, lack of solid technical approach, non-existent governance structure, other issues) by identifying and engaging stakeholders, building consensus and agreement among executives, and establishing effective governance structure.
  • In record time secured funding approval for the program, which was the second initiative in CCO’s history that was presented to Board Gating Committee within the Board of Directors. Program has passed successfully all of the checkpoints within Project Management Life Cycle, and was approved by the Business Review Committee at eHealth Ontario.
  • Managed 12 parallel streams in the program, 5 project managers, and highly integrated efforts of more than 110 project resources, and the budget around $3 million.
  • Managed gathering of functional, non-functional, integration and user experience requirements and formulation and approval of the solution architecture in less than 1.5 months from the start of the program.
  • Within the Program, set expectations and managed all aspects of procurement of 8 vendors (Accenture, Avaleris, Avanade, MicroStrategy, HP, Deloitte, Telax, MD+A). Established vendor ranking criteria, in collaboration with Procurement prepared and issued RFIs and RFPs. Evaluated vendor responses, and selected vendors.
  • Defined highly accurate SOWs, resulting in only one minor change request issued for the duration of the program.
  • Ensured that the solution meets all security, privacy and reporting requirements as mandated by internal standards, PHIPA, FIPPA, CASL and AODA.
  • Managed formulation of solution architecture to integrate with eHealth Ontario ONE ID (based on Oracle Identity Management Suite) using Microsoft ADFS 2.0 and SPML provisioning adapters.
  • Managed implementation of highly secure SharePoint 2010 secured at the front end by ONE ID, and at the back end integrated with MicroStrategy BI Platform, Data Mart and Data Warehouse that contained screening information about 9 million of patients in Ontario aggregating around 275 million records.
  • Managed efforts to consolidate 5 Active Directories.
  • Managed implementation of Forefront Identity Manager 2010 that handled identity resolution, identity synchronization and integration with several key authentication and authorization repositories at CCO.
  • Managed TRA assessment undertaken by Deloitte utilizing RCMP/CSE Harmonized Threat and Risk Assessment (HTRA) methodology, and successful resolution of all key findings towards successful remediation and closure.
  • Managed Privacy Impact Assessment of the new platform by MD+A.
  • The program revamped security infrastructure of the CCO, consolidated identity information and introduced one centralized platform to provision, manage and synchronize internal identities at Cancer Care and external identities provided by Oracle based ONE ID Identity Management platform at eHealth Ontario.
  • Utilized highly agile approach to manage delivery and organizational change management activities with high degree of involvement of stakeholders from 20 stakeholder groups (Architecture, Call Centre, Helpdesk, Communications, Development, Security, Informatics, IT Operations, Knowledge Transfer and Education, Legal, PCCIP, Primary Care, Privacy, Procurement, QA, Service Management, Sponsors, PMO and Web Digital Services internally; eHealth Ontario and Information Privacy Commissioner externally).
  • Orchestrated functional, non-functional, and user acceptance testing of the platform; identified quality issues and facilitated their resolution.
  • Managed performance testing scenario definition and execution using TFS.
  • Following the implementation, Secure Messaging platform became an enterprise platform for all programs at CCO to publish electronic reports with personal health information to physicians, and nurses and patients (in future phases of the program) using provincial standard of identity assurance (medium assurance).
  • Secure Messaging Program was delivered on time, on budget and within scope.



Deloitte, Global Office of Information management, Toronto, ON       October 2010 – September 2011

Managed programs within the Global Consulting Portfolio (total budget near $40 million) with the goal to deliver tools that will transform delivery of services by consulting practitioners to clients in 35 countries globally.

IndustryPrint5/ARIS Platform:

  • Managed IndustryPrint5/ARIS program with team size around 60 and 6 program streams.
  • The program implemented enhancements to best in class BPM tool (ARIS) used by Deloitte practitioners globally.
  • The program introduced releases of business functionality and improved performance of selected issues from more than 120 seconds to below 8 seconds.
  • Improvements were achieved by complex infrastructure optimizations, database performance tuning, source code reviews and optimizations, re-design of the core product by the vendor, middleware optimizations, re-write of customizations, and other measures.
  • Program received “Partner Innovation Award” from the vendor of the ARIS platform, Software AG.


  • Managed ValueTools program with the team size of 50.
  • The program delivered a set of tools to facilitate better understanding of client challenges by consulting practitioners globally. Based on the challenges, the platform provided industry-specific improvement opportunities.
  • Due to complexity and volume of challenges including budget, very high visibility and priority, criticality of timeline, conflicting priorities of major stakeholders, complexity of organizational change management activities, technical issues, and risks, others, this program was chosen as the case study for Global Program Delivery conference.
  • Identified and engaged stakeholders, defined program approach, identified suitable vendors, created and issued RFI, evaluated responses and selected suitable vendor. Contributed to development of SOW and customizations of the contract for the pilot, proof of concept and enterprise rollout.
  • Managed security audit of the vendor’s code using AppScan and Fortify security testing and monitoring tools, and agreements for the custody of the application source code in case of vendor’s failure.
  • Built consensus among stakeholders, leading to successful acquisition of chosen software, and initiation of customization and data migration services by the vendor.
  • As the result, new product was successfully deployed, saving more than $1 million of annual operating costs.


  • Managed As One program with the team size of 25 that delivered a set of diagnostic and reporting tools.
  • The tools were used to assess capabilities of companies and foster collective leadership principles outlined in an “As One” book co-authored by Deloitte’s CEO.
  • As One became key positioning statement for Deloitte globally.



CIBC, Frontline Effectiveness, Toronto, ON                                                          June 2010 – October 2010

The mandate of the Business Information Management program was to deliver improvements to business reference information, including products, procedures, disclosures, forms and other product and service information, improving usability of the platform used by about 25,000 employees on daily basis.

  • Managed Business Information Management program with the budget around 5 million and multiple project teams with the largest including 50 professionals. Individual strategically aligned projects delivered improvements to search, archival, reporting and content quality for multiple channels and lines of business, including Mutual Funds, Mortgages, Branch, Telephone Banking, Visa, and President’s Choice Financial/Amicus.
  • Managed Mutual Funds Project, resulting in updates to 100% of procedures (80 existing procedures, 130 new procedures), and in updates to more than 40 mutual fund products.
  • Established self-regulating culture of success within the program, clear lines of accountability and stable work environment. Provided accurate and timely status reporting to Steering Committee, and delivered communication to impacted stakeholders.
  • Facilitated adoption of Agile Scrum methodology and acted as agile coach within CIBC, shared expertise with other groups.



CIBC, FRONTLINE EFFECTIVENESS, Toronto, ON                                                                       May 2009 – May 2010

Successfully delivered the following projects within the Business Information Management Program:

Business Information Support Tool (BIST):

  • Business Information Support Tool project rationalized 3 legacy enterprise product and procedure reference repositories into one – BIST.
  • The project successfully delivered more than 1,100 distinct requirements. The platform is used by 25,000 CIBC employees on daily basis as the primary reference repository about all products and services offered by CIBC.
  • Managed data migration and rationalization of about 65,000 content elements into the new web content management platform
  • Managed delivery by the core team of 50 resources, as well as stakeholders from 15 partner groups, including Investment Banking (Imperial Services/Capital Markets), VISA, Telephone Banking, Mortgages, President’s Choice Financial(Amicus), Wealth Management, Technology, Frontline Effectiveness, Intranet, Retail Distribution, Retail Lending Operations, Training & Development, eMortgages, Operations, Business Helpdesk (National Support Line), and Forms Management.
  • BIST has resulted in average savings of 1 minute per employee enquiry to find information about one product for each search by an employee, and was nominated for Project of the Quarter award.

 Enterprise Rate Distribution System (eRDS):

  • Project successfully implemented centralized rates distribution infrastructure that automatically provisioned rate updates (Foreign Exchange Rates, Mortgages, Mutual Funds, TFSAs, RRSPs, Lines of Credit, and others) to key internal systems.
  • eRDS project received Project of the Quarter award.



TORONTO HYDRO, Toronto, ON                                                                                    May 2008 – January 2009

Successfully delivered IT Governance projects, and achieved evidence based Level 3 maturity in the areas of IT portfolio and project for the $36 million portfolio of 40 IT projects.

  • Managed two business process reengineering projects (Portfolio and Project Management, Management of IT Human Resources) with the mandate to implement COBIT governance framework.
  • Managed change management efforts that directly impacted 200 IT stakeholders, 35 leadership stakeholders, including CIO, PMO Leader & 12 Project Managers.
  • Established organizational and process controls within IT&S organization and mapped risks to controls; linked plans to specific, measurable and realistic metrics and performance indicators that were used in the executive reporting package.
  • Rationalized portfolio and project management framework with improved corporate templates and processes; enhancements introduced appropriate best industry practices (PMBOK, Iterative, Agile, ITIL, RUP, and others). As the result, ambiguity and repetition were reduced, and simplicity and clarity achieved.
  • Optimized the framework and tailored it to manage various types of projects more effectively, differentiating between large, medium, small, infrastructure, software development and COTS (Commercial-off-the-shelf Software) implementation projects.
  • Defined enterprise quality goals, attributes, metrics, as well as quality assurance & quality control activities required to achieve these goals. Established Quality Management Framework and defined quality dashboard based on ISO 9126 standard.
  • Participated in review of RFP responses to select vendors for hardware, software and staff augmentation. Defined SOWs and contributed to definition of the service agreements and contracts.
  • Established, defined roadmap, and methodologies for the corporate centres of excellence for Requirements Gathering, Design and Development, Risk Management, Quality and COTS Implementation. Defined .NET development & other guidelines.
  • Delivered organizational change management (communication and training) to CIO, Management and IT stakeholders to ensure adoption and sustainment of changes.



DIRECT ENERGY, Toronto, ON                                                                                        October 2007 – April 2008


Established Corporate Systems PMO, and managed several software development and infrastructure projects focusing on SharePoint, InfoPath, .Net and infrastructure enhancements with the largest budget around $1.5 million:

  • Managed multiple teams with around 35 resources located in Toronto, Texas and India.
  • Established Corporate Systems PMO and defined enterprise Project Management Methodology, and project management artifacts based on PMI, RUP (Rational Unified Process), Agile, Scrum, ITIL, TOGAF, Zachman and other best practices.
  • Defined waterfall and iterative lifecycles within the methodology, program and project controls, artifacts and artifact samples based on the pilot of the methodology on several projects. Aligned project controls with strategic objectives for IT.
  • Defined portfolio dashboard to summarize projects for executives.
  • Managed organizational change management activities required to introduce PMO, train PMs and impacted stakeholders, and ensure gradual adoption of the project management standards.
  • Rationalized business case creation and management lifecycle, created business case samples and coached stakeholders regarding cost/benefit and value/risk estimation techniques.
  • Managed organizational change management activities required to introduce the PMO.
  • Delivered communication to affected stakeholders; trained and coached 12 project managers directly impacted by changes to ensure full adoption of the methodology overtime.
  • Managed preparation of RFI and RFP to replace legacy customer self-service application for scheduling of service calls and dispatch of crews. Summarized expected deliverables in SOW, and reviewed contractual documentation.
  • Prepared business case, secured project approval, and conducted planning for a major enterprise initiative focused on application and data migration of enterprise legacy web applications to SharePoint platform. Total budget of the initiative was around $2.5 million.



SIERRA SYSTEMS, Toronto, ON                                                                                  June 2006 – September 2007

Successfully delivered Management Consulting engagements for the following Clients of Sierra Systems:

Co-operators Insurance:

  • For the business transformation of two insurance companies due to M&A analyzed strategic goals, operating environment, technology infrastructure; conducted current state analysis defined target state and identified gaps.
  • Gaps impacted all insurance areas, including Customer and Policy, Underwriting, Claims, B2B, B2C, Agency Management, and others.
  • Gaps were summarized and elaborated as a portfolio of 18 enterprise projects with combined budget around $4.5 million.
  • Sequenced projects based on business constraints, infrastructure and technology dependencies (.NET, UNIX, SOA and ESB).
  • For each project created mini project charter that outlined high level scope, requirements, resource, cost and schedule estimates.
  • Provided advisory services to VPs, C-Level Executives & CEO about feasible technology choices and benefits they would bring to business.
  • Assisted executives to establish technology and change management strategy; performed risk assessment and created risk response plan for the business transformation program.
  • Consulted management team about options to resolve operational, human resources and project delivery issues; in addition, leveraged economies of scale and helped to create more streamlined project management framework to deliver projects more efficiently and cheaper.

Royal Bank of Canada:

  • Developed RFP to select the vendor for Property Valuation platform. Evaluated vendor responses, and selected the vendor that met key business and technology requirements as per established criteria.
  • Managed external vendors in implementation of the property valuation platform aimed to standardize property valuation, reduce exposure to credit risk and decrease turnaround time. Platform was launched to over 10,000 RBC
  • Reduced property valuation costs by 25%, enhanced standardization and eliminated opportunities for the conflict of interest.
  • Gathered business, technical, security, privacy and other non-functional requirements; performed security audit and readiness assessment; ensured that RBC Project Management Framework (PMF) deliverables were met.

Internal Initiative:

  • Developed portions of Enterprise Risk Management consulting product offering based on COSO ERM, SOX, Turnbull, King II, COBIT, CMMI, ISO and other standards.



Telus Mobility, Toronto, ON                                                                          September 2002 – December 2004

Successfully delivered software development, infrastructure upgrade and proof of concept projects for Enterprise Infrastructure and Data Services groups:

  • Managed 15 infrastructure upgrade, custom development and proof of concept projects based on SUN ONE / Oracle IAM (Identity and Access Management), BPM, Portal, J2EE, Middleware, ESB, SOA, ETL, SAP, UNIX & other leading edge technologies with the largest budget around $2 million.
  • Managed all aspects of vendor relations for 11 vendors, starting from needs assessment, analysis, requirements gathering, preparation of RFIs/RFPs/RFQs, proof of concepts, followed by customization, integration and implementation of products in the production environment.
  • Managed expectations of project sponsors and business owners; assigned resources and coached project team; managed delivery schedules and budget, ensured deliverables were met, negotiated with managers to resolve conflicts and issues.
  • Based on the results of technology assessments provided recommendations to executives regarding technology strategy.
  • Utilized SDLC, Iterative, Agile, Waterfall, ITIL and other best practices while managing enterprise integration activities among enterprise applications, including Customer Care and Billing, Provisioning, Customer Self Service, Rating, Billing, Invoicing, and SAP GL.
  • Managed organizational change management activities, including communication and training required to sustain the changes introduced.



AMDOCS Inc., Toronto, ON                                                                                         November 2000 – July 2002

Oversaw multimillion dollar implementation of highly complex telecom rating, billing and invoicing platforms for various Telco’s globally:

  • Led customization, integration and implementation activities of multi-platform Customer Care and Billing infrastructure. The largest implementation at Verizon Wireless (total budget around $6 million) put in place rating and billing platform for around 27 million customer identities. Other implementations included Telecom New Zealand, British Telecom and CenturyTel. Technologies included .NET, J2EE, Java, JSP, C++, ETL, Oracle, integration with GL platforms and other internal systems.
  • Worked closely with business stakeholder groups of clients, gathered requirements (functional and non-functional), and defined solution architecture, product customizations.
  • Defined organizational change management activities, including communication and training, to successfully transition solutions to clients’ operational groups.
  • Managed organizational changes resulting in the transfer of North American Service Centre from headquarters in Israel to Toronto for the flagship product Enabler. Managed one of the first Enabler Proof of Concept for global automotive client in collaboration with Accenture.
  • Provided advisory services to clients related to integration, data migration and ETL activities, using TOGAF, Zachman & ITIL.



Bell Canada, Information Services, Toronto, ON                                           March 1999 – November 2000

Responsible for delivery of programs and projects in environment, including new product launches, marketing campaigns, infrastructure upgrades, sponsorship events, and other initiatives:

  • Managed design, delivery and implementation of 36 business and technology projects (3 to 7 at a time), with the largest internal team of 20 resources, and budget around $3 million.
  • Ensured high availability and scalability of web infrastructure and mission critical transaction based applications receiving around 3 million hits per month, including ETL and data integration with legacy fulfillment platform.
  • Recovered 2 failing programs (Advantage Performance Program – customer loyalty, Permission Marketing – marketing engine) with the total budget around $5 million by eliminating technology and change management obstacles.
  • Managed delivery by multiple vendors, digital agencies and consulting companies, including CGI, Xpedior, E&Y, Cossette & others. Ensured that vendor components of projects were delivered on time, on budget and within scope.
  • Utilized Microsoft Project to manage project plans, and other MS applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) to capture requirements, track deliverables and provide reporting for various projects.
  • Performed design reviews; guided vendors, peers and support personnel on security guidelines, integration standards, design architecture, PMLC, SDLC, Agile, TOGAF, Zachman, Bell creative standards and other methodologies.



PAGE SYSTEMS INTl., Toronto, ON                                                                             June 1998 – February 1999

  • Managed development and testing activities for yellow and white pages publishing software (16 client applications and 4 server platforms) used by international telecommunication and media clients.



Various Clients, Toronto, ON                                                                           December 1995 – February 1998

  • Provided freelance consulting services (technology strategy, custom development, infrastructure and technology reviews, security audits, other services) to clients in retail, financial, logistics, supply chain, healthcare and other industries.



Program Management Professional (PgMP)

usiness and ing Committee levelch is accountable for accurate and timely status reporting to Executive Steering Committee leve , Project Management Institute                                                       2016

usiness and ing Committee levelch is accountable for accurate and timely status reporting to Executive Steering Committee leve Certified Identity Governance Expert (CIGE), Identity Management Institute                                                       2016

usiness and ing Committee levelch is accountable for accurate and timely status reporting to Executive Steering Committee leve Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control (CRISC), ISACA                                                                 2010

Certified in Governance of Enterprise IT (CGEIT), ISACA                                                                                 2008

Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA), ISACA                                                                                      2008

Advanced Rational Unified Process (RUP) & Use Cases, Sierra Systems                                                          2007

Project Management Professional (PMP), Project Management Institute                                                            2007



Master of Business Administration (MBA), Finance, Schulich School of Business, York University, Toronto        2006

Bachelor of Science, Computer Science, York University, Toronto, ON                                                              1998



Vice Chair, Board of Directors

NEWCOMER WOMEN’S SERVICES, Toronto, ON                                               November 2005 – September 2007

  • Provided corporate guidance to the CEO. Developed governance, organizational and HR policies; orchestrated effectiveness & performance reviews.
  • Facilitated Strategic Planning process, resulting in increase of funding to around $1.8 million.